A Gameboy ROM editor that is easy to use.

here it is: (winxp) and here is the win9x version:

«Well, and you thought the original Hebe GB was good; this one is incredible! I actually don't see any need for improvement here! This utility can do everything from creating gamelists to fixing the checksums of your Gameboy ROMs! Unlike most other ROM manipulation utilities, this one is pleasant to the eye, instead of your typical mode 3h icky text graphics. One of the backgrounds is a calm blue purple, with Megaman and Dr. Wily adorning it, instead of your typical mess of colored ascii. It displays every little detail about your Gameboy ROM, and lets you edit them ad lib. If you're looking for a Gameboy ROM manipulator, look no further, as Ri Ga Mo R Ti S? PRoDuCTioNZ provides the only one you will ever need. As of version 2.5 it has received a total revamp and all major problems and bugs should be fixed. "