I just got my copy of LSDJ today and – not having used a “Tracker” before – had a difficult time understanding the basic structure of the program. I've created this basic diagram in the hopes of helping other beginners to better understand the building-blocks of LSDJ. If anyone can make this page look more attractive, please do!

Little Sound DJ Structural Diagram




--________Four Sound Channels-----



--____________SONG Mode-----------

_______Built up from CHAINS-------

_______One CHAIN per channel------


--____________CHAIN Mode----------

_____Strings PHRASES together-----

________Transposes PHRASES--------


--____________PHRASE Mode---------

The most fundamental part of LSDJ Here you enter notes,
instrument select, commands, and command values. Any PHRASE can  
be played back on any channel, but you might compose a PHRASE
for a specific channel(Drum kits on wave channel)


--_________INSTRUMENT Mode--------

Parameters for creating/controlling the INSTRUMENTS to be used
in your PHRASES. INSTRUMENTS can be further modified by the
FRAME, TABLE and BANK screens.