LSDJ Feature WishlistEdit

These are mostly actual requests from users - so feel free to add or comment upon this. /Johan

Stuff to consider:Edit

  • Wave frame offset for wave instruments (e.g. set to 6 default begins playing frame 06 instead of 00)
  • Wave instrument play mode: interpolate frames vs. play in order (e.g. length 3 plays frames 0, 8, F vs. 0, 1, 2)
  • Abandon the demo version and make the full version free PLEASE!!! I don't care how impossible it seems, but you will do it anyway or I'm suing you!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! YOU MUST DO THIS. Protect this page please! IPs are fucking trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Range copy-paste in instr 40 (speech)
  • MERGE in addition to LOAD/SAVE/ERASE, which will copy all patterns, chains, and instruments from the current song into unused locations of another song in the save
  • I command to set Instrument Length via hardware length counter
  • Sample offset switch to toggle between F80 being longer forward offset (previous functionality), or stepback/backward (current functionality)
  • Sample player, which plays back a tonal sample with proper pitch. It might work over an octave or so with variable interrupt distances
  • Force to mono in project screen: for people who use lsdj as a dual mono synth live, but track in headphones, it would be cool to have a way to override panning settings temporarily with a global option.

...these are somewhat older suggestions:

  • The ability to skip the first chain when the song repeats
  • Move around songs in file screen (besides LOAD/SAVE/ERASE button, also add MOVE)
  • Build-in-mixer feature in LSDJ, where you can adjust the different 4 channel's volume.
  • Open source player
  • Show both WAV samples being played in border.
    • Must remember to move the MUTE/LR/SYNC indicators down a row so as to maintain visual separation from the "N" line
  • PC keyboard: record what's being played
  • An indicator on the main screen, blinking at the rate of bpm (for a visual aid on the tempo).
  • The ability to save instruments I've made through the wavetable for use in other songs.
  • Add more default kits.
  • Sync: if starting song play from phrase, try to sync chain position. Possible??
  • Noise channel for keyboard.
  • Super Gameboy special features (border graphics??)
  • Speech channel for keyboard (should work but seems buggy? or?)
  • Prelisten now only works when sync is off or keybd, fix it in all modes?
  • Player that supports multiple songs on .sav
  • Reset automated tables with A cmd + 80 + tableno
  • PC keyboard table select (maybe with num keypad)?
  • ADSR in wave synth
  • PC keyboard: fake polyphony switching between pu1, pu2, wav
  • Wave synth: would be nice with wave banks that are 32, 48, 64 frames long...


(removed stuff here to make the page tidier)

  • Bug: D command in phrase with I-- note will kill the sound - fixed in 5.5.0
  • Unify pitch/slide/vibrato control, so that kit/wave/pulse have the same settings - 5.7.0
  • Allow HF sqr/saw vibrato - 5.7.0
  • Investigate if it is somehow possible to reduce clicks from table volume column - improved in 5.6.5
  • Bug: FFF can jump before sample start - fixed in 5.5.4
  • transfer instruments/phrases/songs over link cable and infrared port - possible to transfer groove/phrase/instr/table/synth data from 5.5.7
  • Add "shift" in addition to "fast/slow" pitch type in kits to allow P command to offset kit pitch - added STEP mode in 5.4.8
  • Add way to exclude instruments from chain transpose
  • C command in noise channel - added in 5.4.3, P command added in 5.4.4
  • Pre/post-5.1.0 pitch switch - it's kind of fixed with DRUMMODE
  • Using L commands in table with 00 in TSP column should bend back to base pitch
  • After deleting a song, auto-remove the empty slots in the middle
  • Provide page-by-page scrolling via D-pad left and right - actually B+up/down does this already
  • Detune/finetune command
  • CMD's to change synth characteristics (eg. Speed, Repeat, Length)
  • Bug: in phrase screen, first set vibrato, then pitch. Won't work unless HF mode selected.
  • Bug?: L and C command don't work together - same with P and C.
  • Bug?: L/P and transpose don't work together.
  • Custom color palette (TODO: mention LSDpatcher again in lsdj docs?)
  • Add Command to modify KIT playlength [ nice effects and even melodies ] - already exists through S command

Won't happen... or?:Edit

Comments by me (Johan)

  • R commands reset P bends in tables - use L00 for that
  • Random vibrato - toyed around with it a bit, but on the whole it does not seem particularly useful besides making kettle whistle sounds.
  • "Clean instrument data" reduces duplicate instruments with identical parameters to the same instrument - how often does this really happen?
  • E commands not alter noise shape (this may likely break noise instruments - may be better to leave as is) - it is unclear if and how this should be changed
  • "Extra deep clone" to clone instruments within phrases - the number of instruments are very limited so they might be eaten up too fast for this to be really useful?
  • Volume column in the phrase screen - there simply is not enough RAM.
  • Separate clipboards for different stuff - probably not, RAM is limited
  • External arpeggio notes in tables; allow tables to reference the note pre-increased by parameter 1/2 of the Cxy effect (c.f. effect 10xx in klystrack) - I'm sorry, but I don't immediately see the big advantage with this.
  • Customizable duty cycle/"shape" parameter for synth - I don't understand how this is different from the already available sync settings
  • Shape distortion for synth; more options besides clip and wrap - please describe in greater detail what you want
  • Keyfollow/keytracking in a wave channel synth - the CPU is too slow to adjust filter settings live
  • Second CMD column in PHRASE screen for complex work - not enough RAM
  • keyboard mapping tool, allowing a user to custom map a keyboard to lsdj, especially for special keyboards with extra buttons - seems like something very few people would be interested in
  • ADSR for the Wave instruments with control of it in the Phrase screen - that's really two requests in one. ADSR - maybe. Phrase screen control will not happen, because the wave synth is just too slow to change instantly while playing.
  • Ability to randomize a phrase - this actually existed in versions 3.4.4 - 3.9.2, but wasn't a very popular feature.
  • video - what's that supposed to mean? Maybe check out
  • A timer on the main screen showing elapsed seconds and minutes of the song - there's not much screen space for this. Check project screen instead.
  • A function like Ctrl+z -UNDO- (in windows) for correct errors such as accidentally deleting notes. If you delete notes, they should be in the clipboard - just press select+a to paste them back in.
  • A NDS LSDJ sequencer with touch interface and the ability to create gb sav files to be used in LSDJ on the Game Boy. Why would you want that?
  • Reverse sample play. I would really like this, but unfortunately it's not an easy thing to do - it's very difficult just to play two channels forwards. Instead, one will have to prepare reverse samples... (now added as kit stepback!)
  • Startup demo song. Is this really a good idea? It would be pretty nice for new users to quickly check if the setup is working by pressing start... but at the same time I just think it's pretty nice to start from a clean slate.
  • Command for changing kit speed - this could be done, but there are so many commands already... not sure how to fit it in.
  • Groove entry in chain screen - this kind of makes sense... but not sure there is enough RAM to put a new column in chain screen.
  • Use PC keyboard keys for launching chains/phrases - somewhat nice idea, but would be a lot of boring/tough work for me. If you want this, maybe one option would be to just use Ableton and sample LSDj..?

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