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Analogue Drums HOWTOBackup GearBeginner Tutorials
Bit ShifterBung XchangerChip Music Resources
Chords using TablesClassic Pro ModCompability Chart
Custom Kits HOWTODIY Midi InterfaceDIY Pitch Control
Drum Kits HOWTOE-MergerFamous People
File Management StructureGBA SPGBC Bridge
GB Classic vs GB ColorGame Boy EmulatorsGame Boy Resources
Gameboy Advance SucksGameboy GalleryGiveIO
Good Song LayoutGoomba emulatorHebe GB
How to Sync with Nanoloop 2How to add Back Light to your Grey BrickHow to do ANYTHING.
How to make the GB Transferer workHow to open your Game BoyHow to replace battery
Kits and Pulse HOWTOLSDj DiscographyLSDj Structure
LSDj SyncLSDj WishlistLSDj on GP32
LSDj on MacLSDj on Nintendo DSLSDj on PC
LSDj on PSPLSDj vs NanoloopLittle Sound Dj
Little Sound Dj FAQMega Memory CardMicrotuning HOWTO
Multiboot MIDI SyncPC Keyboard InterfacePro Sound Mod
ROM StructureRecording GearSpeech HOWTO
StarpauseSweep Kits HOWTOSyncing more than two Game Boys
Tempo CalculationTest PageThe Gamboy Sound
Tips and TricksTracks, Kits and PatchesTransfer Stability Mod
Transferer TroubleshootingTriplets and Swing HOWTOUserPort
Wave Instrument Tables
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