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  • Start lsdj.
  • Head the cursor over to the wave/drum/speech column (the third from the left)
  • Tap the A key. This will insert chain 00.
  • Press SELECT+RIGHT to edit chain 00.
  • Tap the A key. This will insert phrase 00.
  • Press SELECT+RIGHT to edit phrase 00.
  • Tap the A key. This will insert a note at the first position of the phrase.
  • Head the cursor over to the instrument column (right to the note column) that now says “I00”. Change this value to 40 (for the special speech instrument) by pressing A+UP.
  • Press SELECT+DOWN to edit the speech instrument.
  • Press SELECT+RIGHT to get into the word editor.
  • Enter the following data to represent the word “HELLO”:
HH1 03
EL- 08
OW- 00
  • Start the song by pressing START.
  • Enjoy the talk.

The instrument column doesn't go up to 20, only to 1F...

/ could be that you're using a really old version? or?

2001–07–24: version 1.3.5A
* implemented the speech instrument (locked to instrument number 40) and a new
WORD sequencer (which can be viewed by pressing SELECT+RIGHT in the SPEECH
instrument screen).

For help doing speech w/ older versions check the docs at:

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